Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day from Home Video Studio!  A long weekend is great but take a moment to reflect on the price that has been paid for the freedom we all enjoy and share.  Thank a veteran in person, maybe a friend or family member.  They could have served at home or in another country, but no matter where they might have served, it was the bravest unselfish act to serve our country!  We encourage you to take time to speak with an older relative or friend and ask them questions about their life and why they chose to serve.  You might be surprised at the answers but more importantly you will learn something wonderful that you might never have known.  Record those memories on tape to preserve and share with others so that the story can live on for years and years.  We at Home Video Studio have already transferred some of these stories to DVD for generations to come.  Why don't you let us help honor those the served by giving them a bit of honor this Memorial Day and preserve their legacy!

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Home Video Studio, Indio is available for FREE pick up and delivery of any project over $50 so we can help you in your busy schedule.  760-347-6688 is the number to call to start saving your memories today!