Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summertime Fun!

Summer is rapidly approaching and for those of us here in Southern California it has arrived!  The heat is here and Home Video Studio wants to help get things started by offering some savings to our loyal readers and followers.  Summer is the time the camera is out in full force from picture taking at your BBQ to hanging at the Colorado River with friends soaking up the sun and enjoying the water.  Maybe your summer is taking you to a wedding or other family gathering, whatever the event be sure to capture those memories so you can live them over again for years to follow.  Home Video Studio uses the best equipment and supplies to preserve those memories from damage or loss.  We are here to give you some pointers for getting the best possible images from your video or still camera so feel free to give us a call.  We offer more services than anyone else here in the Coachella Valley and we offer FREE pick up and delivery!  Nobody offers that service, I guarantee it.  Technology is ever changing and we are here to help you keep up with some of those important changes.  QR codes are popular to get information out quickly and easily but some people aren't familiar with these funny barcodes.  If you have a Smartphone you NEED a QR scanner, they are available for almost all makes and models and are usually free.  Download one today and test it out on these QR codes, you'll be glad you did!  Find us on Facebook and "Like" our page.  We've got a special promotion coming this Christmas season open only to our FB fans and followers so make sure you are one of them!

And after you got that one, you'll certainly want this one too!

Thanks for reading our blog and have a great safe summer!  Look for our Hanley Award updates in late July!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring is here!

Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer and longer each day!  The fresh breeze and warm sunny days are wonderful.  Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduations, birthday parties, weddings and family gatherings are a few of the many events that we enjoy throughout the year but more so in the spring and summer.  There are some amazingly affordable video cameras and digital still cameras available to help record these events for years and years.  I recently purchased a GoPro camera for a road trip in March.  The video was awesome with great clarity.  I sped up the video so the nearly 500 mile trip took only 4 minutes! I calculated that it would be as if you were driving at nearly 7200 mph!!  No room for error during this drive.  The point is this; I have a video to remember this trip with and by simply playing it again I am able to relive that great time with a friend.  Do you want to relive a special event that may have already been recorded?  We can transfer them to DVD so you can enjoy them again.  We can even make copies at the same time.  Home Video Studio has many video and audio services to help preserve the most important things we have on video or in pictures.  Don't let them slip away....

Call Home Video Studio today or look us up online for ways we can help you.

Home Video Studio or call 760-347-6688

Look for that video from KC to Indy on YouTube!  Or click here: GoPro KC to Indy

Have a safe and happy summer and if you come in and tell us you read our blog, we'll give you 25% off your project! (Offer good thru Aug. 31, 2012)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Love Month

I entitled my current posting "February Love Month" because there are 2 birthdays this month of very important people in my life and there's also Valentine's Day!  What better way than to remember the people you love in life than simply telling them for no apparent reason?  Well for starters it could be giving them an amazing gift from which you thought long and hard to find the "perfect" gift.  Maybe it would be that you plan on taking them on a special journey or vacation.  Sometimes it can be the most simplest of gestures and not be at all expensive.  Whatever it is that you do, do it with love!  Home Video Studio is here to help with a few simple ideas.  Video transfer your wedding video to a DVD, make a quiet dinner for just the two of you and watch your wedding again while eating dinner!  Of course if there are children, feed them first so you can enjoy the time together.  Not married but in a steady relationship?  How about a PhotoKeepsake of your relationship thus far in pictures.  Add a special song or two and you have a short video to enjoy today and would be great to show at a future engagement party!  Maybe you want to tell your parents how much they mean to you instead; bring in pictures of them for us to create a special video.  Whatever or whomever it may be, take the time today to share for tomorrow might be to late!

Did you know that video tapes reach the end of their useful life by about 20 years?  If you don't have a machine to play the video on, how will you ever watch it again?  Don't let time erase your memories, transfer them to digital today.  Home Video Studio is offering a never before heard of special for video tape to DVD transfers.  Normally a $19.95 special for up to 2 hours on a single tape is now being offered for $4 off!  That's right, just $15.95 per 2 hour tape to DVD but only thru the end of February!  Don't delay, call today!

760-347-6688 and ask for Joseph or Wendy to arrange an appointment to bring in your video tapes or other memories for us to preserve.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Giveaway!

Home Video Studio wants to give away a brand new Sony 3D BluRay DVD player with built in WiFi!  Do you think you could use it?  Tell your friends and let us give you an after Christmas gift that is sure to make anyone happy.  It's easy to enter, all you need to do is text.  You do know how to text right?

Good Luck and Merry Christmas from Home Video Studio!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Friday, November 25 is "Black Friday".  Why is it called Black Friday?  Regardless, it seems a bit bleak so Home Video Studio is offsetting it with Sunny Saturday!  Yes, November 26 is now Sunny Saturday and it's also my birthday!  I want to celebrate my birthday with my friends and you can be one of them too.  Why go to the mall and spend your hard earned money on stuff when you can preserve your precious memories and give them to friends and family instead!  This is truly a gift from the heart overflowing with love.  We recently transferred 16mm film to DVD and it looked amazing.  I will be giving it to the customer in the next few days and look forward to seeing his eyes light up!  This film was shot in 1949!!!  He's probably the baby in the stroller!  Do you have any film?  How about slides? VHS?  When was the last time you had a chance to even look at any of it with the ever busy schedules demanded of us all today?  Don't let your memories die in a closet, give them life again!  Home Video Studio  760-347-6688

Monday, September 19, 2011

Got Memories? Got Video?

Cool weather is starting to appear every day!  The mornings here in the Coachella Valley are absolutely awesome!  The summer is over and those trips, events and gatherings are all in the past with new ones on the horizon.  Do you take pictures or just video?  Maybe you are diverse and do both to capture those once in a lifetime moments.  These pictures and videos are the only link back to that time but not what are you doing with them?  Are you able to use your computer to create a cool photo video with music and titles so you can share it with everyone?  Chances are you have the software but do you really know how to use it properly?  If your home is as busy as mine, you don't have enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to get done!  I was speaking with my wife, Wendy, and she shared an  interesting fact with me regarding Starbucks.  She said there are over 35 stores here in the valley.  That interesting fact shows that our lives are too busy to make coffee and need to be able to run in and get that special drink to get us on our way.  If coffee is a time crunch, how much more of making a video with software you might not be completely familiar with to produce your memory project?  Do you have the time?  Do you have the patience to learn it when the pressure is on?  Home Video Studio is proud to announce that all our projects are being preserved on Platinum Archival DVD's!  These DVD's are tested to last a lifetime (100 years) and are being made exclusively for the Home Video Studio franchises! 

Home Video Studio located here in Indio is capable of creating those memory videos for you.  You tell us the theme of the project, maybe it was a summer vacation or a best friends wedding, and we can get it put together for you in a short period of time.  Usually 2-3 weeks or less if necessary so get planning for what you want to put together.  Christmas is less than 10 weeks away so don't delay, give us a call today!
Home Video Studio, 760-347-6688.