Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Love Month

I entitled my current posting "February Love Month" because there are 2 birthdays this month of very important people in my life and there's also Valentine's Day!  What better way than to remember the people you love in life than simply telling them for no apparent reason?  Well for starters it could be giving them an amazing gift from which you thought long and hard to find the "perfect" gift.  Maybe it would be that you plan on taking them on a special journey or vacation.  Sometimes it can be the most simplest of gestures and not be at all expensive.  Whatever it is that you do, do it with love!  Home Video Studio is here to help with a few simple ideas.  Video transfer your wedding video to a DVD, make a quiet dinner for just the two of you and watch your wedding again while eating dinner!  Of course if there are children, feed them first so you can enjoy the time together.  Not married but in a steady relationship?  How about a PhotoKeepsake of your relationship thus far in pictures.  Add a special song or two and you have a short video to enjoy today and would be great to show at a future engagement party!  Maybe you want to tell your parents how much they mean to you instead; bring in pictures of them for us to create a special video.  Whatever or whomever it may be, take the time today to share for tomorrow might be to late!

Did you know that video tapes reach the end of their useful life by about 20 years?  If you don't have a machine to play the video on, how will you ever watch it again?  Don't let time erase your memories, transfer them to digital today.  Home Video Studio is offering a never before heard of special for video tape to DVD transfers.  Normally a $19.95 special for up to 2 hours on a single tape is now being offered for $4 off!  That's right, just $15.95 per 2 hour tape to DVD but only thru the end of February!  Don't delay, call today!

760-347-6688 and ask for Joseph or Wendy to arrange an appointment to bring in your video tapes or other memories for us to preserve.

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