Saturday, June 25, 2011


I was working in the studio transferring some VHS tapes to DVD for a nice family when I started thinking about how far this has come in the past 20+ years.  I remember buying my first VCR from a video store back in 1984-1985 where I paid $525 for the stereo features, electronic tuning and the 'wireless remote'.  Now here we are in 2011 and tape is so "old school" compared to the DVD and computer digital files that fly around the internet and are accessible at the touch of a button on most smartphones.  Talk about instant media!  I was also thinking about how important these video tapes are and they are starting to deteriorate with signal loss.  We, myself included, never stored these tapes the way we should have nor do we think that there's anything wrong with them.  "If I don't play them, they'll be fine."  That's a dangerous belief to live by regarding your most precious memories.  My heart sinks when I transfer a tape only to see how much has been lost.  It was during this moment of reflection that I checked my e-mail to find an ad from Costco to provide the service I too offer.  I picked up the phone and started to ask them some questions.  Now I do like Costco  for household supplies and food but do I really want to give them my home videos?  The clerk simply takes the tape and your information then puts it in a bag and off it goes.  He didn't really know where exactly and he didn't know any of the people that do the transfers, he simply takes the order!  Well, I would have a hard time with that and like that I can honestly tell my customers that I personally will be transferring their videos to DVD. I will also take responsibility for anything I have control over.  That's customer service and we offer FREE pick up and delivery for projects over $50.  Costco won't do that for you.  So if you want to pay a few dollars less then go to Costco.  But if you find that peace of mind is worth paying for and actually knowing the person you are trusting your precious memories to is important, come see us at Home Video Studio.  Summer is here so go out and take video and make the memories, we'll transfer them to DVD that will last for years and years.

Home Video Studio- Indio, 760-347-6688, and ask for Joseph or Wendy.