Saturday, February 19, 2011

Preserve your most precious documents to DVD

Home Video Studio - Indio           February 2011- Issue 33

Your local Home Video Studio is part of the world's leading international video production services franchise. We have studios located in the United States, Canada and Sweden. Home Video Studio provides video production and post production services for consumers, businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations!

Savers of the Family Archives ™ Don't let natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, floods or fires ruin your personal property. Take steps today to protect your priceless possessions like photographs, films, videos, memorabilia and personal documents.
Home Video Studio's Savers of the Family Archives service was designed especially with this in mind. Our studios can copy everything digitally on DVD or on I-Pod for easy viewing and safekeeping. Don't wait for tragedy to strike before it's too late to save your treasured memories. Call Home Video Studio now!
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Home Video Studio
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Preserve your most precious documents to DVD

There's a hero in your neighborhood. When you call we are there. When you need us we stand ready. We are Savers of the Family Archives and we exist to preserve your life. What would happen if a fire, flood, hurricane or other catastrophe took your photos, videos, films, recordings, and important papers? How much of your life is represented by the memories and documentation that these items provide? Can you put a price on these items?
Home Video Studio's Savers of the Family Archives is designed to take all of the precious items that speak of your life and preserve them in a digital format. This makes it easy for you to retrieve them and make extra copies. And if you have new items it's easy to update.
Ready to get started? The first thing to do is get organized. Are your photos organized, or are they randomly stored in boxes? What about important papers? Don't forget your scrapbooks, certificates and other keepsakes.
Here's a master list you might find helpful:
Birth Certificates
Social Security Cards
Marriage Certificate
Military Records
Titles Diplomas
Financial Accounts
Tax returns
Insurance Policies
Trust Documents
Mortgage Papers
Unique memorabilia
Citizenship Papers
All of your photos/videos/film (8mm/16mm)
If you need help we make housecalls! We can help you categorize your life's legacy items. Next we'll copy everything digitally. Now you can store it on DVD, CD or even your iPod or smart phone. Extra copies can be stored in safes, deposit boxes, wherever you need them. Don't wait for tragedy to strike before you try to preserve your life!
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About Home Video Studio - Indio
Your local Home Video Studio offers a wide range of professional video production services to consumers and businesses alike. We value our customers and want to thank you for being a part of our success! Home Video Studio strives to make your experience with us enjoyable and truly memorable. Our specialties include video production, video editing, home movie and video transfers, CD and DVD duplication, and much more! For all of your video needs, call Home Video Studio today for an appointment!

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