Monday, August 1, 2011

Hanley Nominations

Home Video Studio was honored last week to be nominated in 3 categories of video excellence!  What a great feeling it is to know that your hard work for your clients can actually be award winning!  Well the competition was tough to say the least with all the winners putting out some great work.  Unfortunately we didn't win a Hanley Award this year but my clients tell me I won in their eyes.  I had a client call me today whose project was up for 2 of those awards.  He called to find out how we did and was surprised to hear that we got beat out.  Nonetheless he is already planning the next video we are going to create for him.  A trophy is great to win but honestly the only person whose opinion that matters is the client for whom I make the video.  I have heard the kind words of how I provided above and beyond their expectations on many occasions.  That's what truly matters when you get right down to it!

Home Video Studio is so thankful  for everyone that trusts us to create these great fun projects and look forward to this upcoming year.  Let Home Video Studio transfer your video tapes to DVD where in the next few weeks we will begin transferring them to our new Platinum Archival DVD's that will last you 100 years according to recent tests!  That's amazing that a video you transfer today will last into 3 or more generations.  You say you don't have video tapes, well what about slides, how about loose photos, old 8 or 16 mm film?  Maybe you've just purchased the newest and best camcorder out there and have no idea how to get that video off the hard drive.  Home Video Studio can also create BluRay discs using your HD video for playback on your BluRay player.  Did you know that Home Video Studio can also transfer audio reel to reel tapes?  Well we can handle all your video and audio needs so don't wait until tomorrow.

Dig thru your cabinets and closets while the heat is raging outside and bring them in today!

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